Meet Mimi

One of the main reasons I’m so passionate about this work is because when I first started out, I didn’t have this kind of help.

Mimi Williams

One of the authors “The Secret to Winning Big in Life and Business”

Successful, heart-centered women who are creating profitable conscious businesses and extraordinary lives are happily singing the praises of Best-Selling Author, gifted teacher, speaker and coach, Mimi Williams. 

Mimi’s take on Universal Principles, including the Law of Attraction, has guided hundreds of women (and a few smart men) to finally step into the satisfying, energetic, and purposeful lives and businesses they deserve. Her inspired work focuses on time-tested, proven, and practical strategies that help her followers to get exactly what they want out of life. She’s fun and engaging with a natural talent for teaching complex spiritual and business principles in an easy to understand, simple and straightforward manner.

Mimi has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 26. Each business she started was somehow geared toward helping women look better, feel better, love better and live better. After many years of studying personal development, human potential and spirituality, she noticed this “unconscious” pattern of creating businesses to help others lead better lives. Combining her gifts, talents, business savvy, and practical wisdom, she now helps women prosper and profit with their own conscious businesses. This was a natural and logical progression on her journey, and she enjoys seeing her clients get stunning results. Through lectures, workshops, and coaching, she lovingly and deliberately guides women to make great life choices, take inspired action, and step boldly into a sassy, classy life they design but could not imagine for themselves before. 

She is also a Best-Selling Author of the book “The Secret to Winning Big in Life and Business” with Motivational Guru Brain Tracy and other leading experts from around the world.

Mimi is fiercely committed to sharing the powerful lessons she’s learned along her journey to empower women to travel their own purpose-driven and profitable paths to success. She is creating an amazing community of heart-centered women who really want to prosper and profit in their “world-changing” businesses while they also help others do the same. 

She lives in Scottsdale Az. Her 21-year old granddaughter and 12-year-old grandson inspire her to continue passing the torch to those who also want to create a better world.
Mimi envisions the exponential growth and rapid change created by this community that will quickly transform our world into a place where all people can live ln joy, peace, love, happiness and prosperity. Will you join Mimi in manifesting this reality for our changing world? 


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